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XLR40 Bootcamp
The journey is not always going to be easy

The only limits your create in life are the ones you create in your own mind. If you want a life different from the one you are currently living, you must experience new things.

Be responsible for your life, and your results.

The exact tools that you need to finally make that permanent change. Imagine what your life would be like when you go all in on yourself for 40 days. This bootcamp is scalable to whatever your current level of fitness is, both beginners and Spartan Beast athletes do these workouts.

Daily Workouts
Each day you will be challenged with our daily workouts that are completely scalable, no matter where you are starting.

You can do all fitness activities from your home. No equipment needed.

Video Demonstrations
Every single movement has a video demonstration so that you know how to complete each exercise correctly. It’s a simple tap inside the app, you will never struggle trying to figure out a workout again. 

The XLR40 Bootcamp meal plan is an innovative plan developed by healthcare professionals to stimulate metabolism, reduce inflammation and increase energy.

All meal plans, recipes and grocery lists are provided in convenient PDF format so that you can print them.

Meal Plans
Simple, step-by-step, instructions to create delicious, metabolism boosting meals. Includes all your daily meals, plus snacks!

All the recipes you need are included. Print out and add them to your recipe collection. Step by step instructions and ingredients are included.

Grocery Lists
Each week you will get a grocery list that perfectly matches with the meal plan. Print off the grocery list, order online or go to the store.

For the entire 40 days you will be paired with one of our professional coaches that will cheer you on, support you and accelerate you toward making lasting and significant life changes. Our coaches are available to you inside or our app with 2 way messaging. 

The entire 40 day program is available on our XLR40 app. Easy to use, with video instructions and the ability to connect with our coaches. We are dedicated to your results.




Do I need any equipment?

XLR40 Bootcamp does not require any equipment. If you are participating in our individual training we may ask you to purchase a few small items.


We don’t recommend it, this is a 40 day bootcamp with daily workouts, and you are looking for some accountability. You get out of the program what you put into it.

what if i don't know how to do a workout?

All of the workouts have video demonstrations that perfectly explain how to complete each movement. If you need to scale a workout or you are still confused about anything, you can direct message your coach inside of the APP.

can i get individual training?

You sure can. If you feel like you need a more personalized experience, we can set you up with one of our coaches. Each participant is paired with a coach based on their goals, habits and personality. We do an initial consultation to determine who to best pair you with. You can request a consultation here.

am i going to be hungry on the meal plan?

No. Our meal plans are delicious and are designed to keep you feeling full. This is not calorie counting. You are going to get back to eating food as close as you can find it in nature. Increased energy and stamina are the end result. 

is the meal plan vegetarian/vegan?

No. Our meal plans are not vegetarian based. 

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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XLR40 designs programs to revolutionize your life, no matter where you are starting from. Our team of personal trainers and healthcare professionals is ready to challenge you, support you and help you REVOLUTIONIZE your fitness.