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License XLR40 to offer our programs at your facility

Growing and building a business takes dedication and hard work.

Our team at XLR40 has created programs that fit seamlessly with your fitness center, chiropractic office or physical therapy office.

No more coming up with programs, no more worrying about staff showing up and doing a good job. 

We take care of all of it for you and you get to add new programs and services to your business that are both profitable and fun.

Congratulations wanting to take the next step to grow your business.

Become an XLR40 Licensed Facility

As an XLR40 Licensed you get to help inspire others to a healthier lifestyle. Adding our programs allows you to generate more leads, have more fun and increase your profitability without adding to your workload.

Benefits of Being a Licensed Facility

  • Offer Bootcamp Programs, Learn to Run Programs, Challenges and One-on-One personal training for your clients and patients, without adding to your workload
  • First access for YOUR clients and patients to XLR40 programs.
  • First access for your clients FRIENDS & FAMILY to our programs as they are released for registration, this is to help you with lead generation
  • Access to XLR40 swag, clothing and exclusive discounts
  • Get paid on every client or patient that signs up for XLR40, Breakthrough Learn to Run, The Challenge or Individual Training and monitor it all inside our easy to use dashboard
  • Access to Licensee only events and challenges


Sign up for a complimentary Discovery Call to begin the conversation of becoming an XLR40 Licensed facility.

You can make a little or you can make a lot. Our financial modelling depends on how many of your patients or clients you direct to sign up with XLR40. 

Our return on investment model for licensed centers can allow facilities to earn $20 for every $1 spent.

XLR40 Bootcamp
The exact tools that you need to finally make that permanent change. Imagine what your life would be like when you go all in on yourself for 40 days. This bootcamp is scalable to whatever your current level of fitness is, both beginners and Spartan Beast athletes do these workouts.

Breakthrough Learn To Run
The exact tools and training programming to embrace the inner runner you have inside. 

Our Breakthrough Learn to Run programs are ideal for all fitness levels. 

The 0 – 5K program is perfect if you are just getting started or want to improve your 5K time. The 5 – 10K program takes it to the next level, coaching on both distance and technique. Finally the 10 – 21.1K program is geared towards those looking to successfully complete a 1/2 marathon AND feel good at the finish line. 

The Challenge
Every one of The Challenge’s begins on the first day of the Month and runs for 21 days. Winners are drawn from those left standing at the end of each of The Challenge’s.

You won’t know exactly what is in store for you until we release The Challenge at the start of each month. 

Are you game?

Individual Training
With Individualized Training you get programming that is built specifically for your abilities and the goals you are working towards.

Your coach will increase the intensity and complexity as your fitness levels improve. 

As an Individual training client you get access to the XLR40 APP allowing you log all of your workouts, message your trainer and track your healthy habits. You also get clear demonstration videos on every exercise, so that you can make sure you are doing them properly.

No matter what you are looking for, increasing strength, endurance, toning or weight loss, we can help.

Your first steps to becoming an XLR40 Licensed Center begins with a complimentary Discovery Call with one of our team members.

On this call we discuss the goals for your facility in detail, what to expect from XLR40 and review options suited best for your team.

Book your XLR40 Discovery Call today.

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XLR40 designs programs to revolutionize your life, no matter where you are starting from. Our team of personal trainers and healthcare professionals is ready to challenge you, support you and help you REVOLUTIONIZE your fitness.