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Ambassador Program
Live an inspiring life

Be the positive influence in the lives of the people around you. 

Inspire them with your dreams, hope, vision, energy and results. 

Unleash the potential in others and you unleash the potential in yourself.

Congratulations on successfully completing XLR40 Bootcamp, or Breakthrough Learn to Run.

Welcome to the XLR40 Ambassador Program!

As an XLR40 Ambassador you get to help inspire others to a healthier lifestyle. At the programs you participate in the future, new members will be looking up to you as you complete your workouts, runs or challenges side by side.

Benefits of Being an Ambassador

  • First access for YOU to programs as they are released for registration
  • First access for your FRIENDS & FAMILY to programs as they are released for registration
  • Get paid on every referral you make that signs up for XLR40, Breakthrough Learn to Run or any challenges
  • Access to Ambassador only events and challenges

Complete the verification form below to finalize your acceptance into the XLR40 Ambassador Program.

To be eligible for the XLR40 Ambassador program, you have to have completed any of the following programs with a minimum of 80% attendance/completion rate:

  • XLR40 Bootcamp Live
  • XLR40 Bootcamp Virtual
  • XLR40 Corporate Bootcamp Live
  • XLR40 Corporate Bootcamp Virtual
  • Breakthrough Learn To Run 0-5K Live
  • Breakthrough Learn To Run 0-5K Virtual
  • Breakthrough Learn To Run 5-10K Live
  • Breakthrough Learn To Run 5-10K Virtual
  • Breakthrough Learn To Run 10-21.2K Live
  • Breakthrough Learn To Run 10-21.2K Virtual

XLR40 Ambassadors are each given a unique link to the XLR40 website. Ambassadors earn commission on all sales from referral purchases on the XLR40 website through this unique link.

Compensation is as follows

White Belt Ambassador 0-4 Referrals: Earn 10%
Yellow Belt Ambassador 5-9 Referrals: Earn 12% 
Orange Belt Ambassador 10-24 Referrals: Earn 15%
Green Belt Ambassador 25-49 Referrals: Earn 17%
Blue Belt Ambassador 50-99 Referrals Earn 20%
Brown Belt Ambassador 100-499 Referrals: Earn 25%
Black Belt Ambassador 500+ Referrals: Earn 30%

Finalizing your Ambassador status is as simple as filling out the Ambassador Verification Form below. Once we receive the verification form, we will review it to ensure that you are eligible to become an XLR40 Ambassador.

Once approved you will receive an email from us giving you access the Ambassador area.

Ambassador Verification

We will reach out to you after you complete the form and let you know if you are eligible

Have you completed an entire XLR40 program (XLR40 Bootcamp, Breakthrough Learn To Run or The Challenge)?

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