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Regular physical activity is one of the most important things that people of all ages can do to improve their health and well-being.

Those that are physical active live longer, healthier lives, are more productive and are more likely to avoid illness, injury and disability.

It is never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you.

With Individualized Training you get programming that is built specifically for your abilities and the goals you are working towards.

Your coach will increase the intensity and complexity as your fitness levels improve. 

As an Individual training client you get access to the XLR40 APP allowing you log all of your workouts, message your trainer and track your healthy habits. You also get clear demonstration videos on every exercise, so that you can make sure you are doing them properly.

No matter what you are looking for, increasing strength, endurance, toning or weight loss, we can help.

From start to finish, in alignment with you goals, we have a plan in place for you.

Phase One: Foundation (if necessary, at your trainers discretion)
During this phase repetitions and sets will be high, movement speeds will be slow and the intensity will be reduced to promote muscular endurance and ensure proper technique.

The main purpose of this phase is to emphasize proper exercise form and build “muscle memory” or joint and postural control.

Phase Two: Strength Endurance
In this phase the intensity will increase with more resistance and more complex movements being added.

This phase will continue to add to the foundation of muscular endurance, meaning that the muscle will be able to exercise longer before fatigue sets in.

Phase Three: Maximum Strength and Muscular Development
This phase is where we focus on building muscular strength or increasing our ability to use higher resistance and more complex movements. This is the phase where your body composition (how much muscle and fat mass you have) will change.

Phase Four: Power
This phase will enhance your ability to produce maximal muscular contraction. In other words, exercises in this phase will be focused on very powerful or fast contractions.

Depending on your goals, your coach will put an emphasis on specific phases. For example, if you want to lose weight, the endurance phase will be longer, or if you want to build muscle mass, the maximum strength phase will be extended.

We ask you to commit to at least 3 months of training to get started and it may take up to a year or more to progress through all phases depending on your starting point and progression.

You get access to our highly trained coaches that have the tools and knowledge to help you reach and exceed your goals.

Each day your coach will be monitoring and reviewing your progress to make sure you stay right on track.

The best part is that you have access to your coach through our in app messaging for any questions, concerns or comments about your training program.

No matter where you are starting from or what your goals are, we have an Individual Training program to suit your needs.

Program options range from  $50 to $100 per week depending on how much you need to access our coaches and the level of programming you need to reach your goals.

We ask you to commit to at least 3 months of training to ensure you get optimal results.

You will begin your Individual Training journey by completing a free one-on-one consultation with one of our trainers.

During this consultation we will discuss your goals in detail, what to expect with the program and choose the Individual Training option that suits you best.

We will then do a movement assessment so that our trainer can get to know your current abilities and fitness level.


Do I need any equipment, Where do i workout?

No equipment is needed! You can choose where you want to workout; at home with no equipment, some equipment, or at a gym! No matter where you choose, your coach will be able to build you an effective program.

I am a beginner to exercise. Is this friendly for me?


Our coaches will choose exercises, and workout styles that you will be able to do no matter your starting point. 

Each exercise has video demonstrations and there will be instructions for every workout regarding how many exercises to do, rest, and resistance. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, your assigned coach is always here to support you.

How often do I have to workout?

As a general rule of thumb, anything is better than nothing, and more is better than some!

There is no one size fits all. Your trainer will work with you to choose an amount that is realistic for you and that will get you to your goals.

Working out 2-5 days per week is the general range!

How do I contact my coach if I have questions?

Right in the app there is a direct messaging system that goes to your assigned coach!

will my workouts ever change?

Generally, our coaches will build your program 1 month at a time. During this month you will be able to get good at the current exercises and get into a routine. After each month, you will have a conversation with your coach about what will be changed for the next month!

When Do I have to workout?

You will get to choose when to workout.

Everyone has different schedules, so it is all about finding a time that works best for you!

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