Your revolution is your choice. Our innovative training methods are developed from real world coaching. Created by personal trainers and healthcare professionals; these programs provide you the framework for success. Show up, don’t quit, try new things and never drop the “can’t” bomb.

Are you ready for your revolution?

XLR40 programs
Programs designed, driven and supported by collegiate level trainers and healthcare professionals. Our programs are designed for your Fitness REVOLUTION.
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  • Scalable Training: Our programs are completely scalable, no matter where you are starting. You can do all the activities from ANYWHERE. No equipment needed.
  • Video Demo’s: Every single movement has a video demonstration so that you know how to complete each movement correctly. It’s a simple tap inside the app, you will never struggle trying to figure out a workout again. 
  • Coach Access: You are not alone. Our coaches support you in making lasting and significant life changes. Our coaches are available to you inside or our app with 2 way messaging. 
  • App Based: All of our programs are delivered through our simple and intuitive app for both apple and android devices. Easy to use, with video instructions and the ability to connect with our coaches. Our team is dedicated to your results.
  • Community: Come for the programs and become part of our vibrant community. 
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XLR40 designs programs to revolutionize your life, no matter where you are starting from. Our team of personal trainers and healthcare professionals is ready to challenge you, support you and help you REVOLUTIONIZE your fitness.