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the challenge
The only easy day was yesterday

It pays to be the winner. Literally.

This will get personal as you dig deep and find out what you are capable of as you push yourself physically and mentally.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable and victory can be yours.


Every one of The Challenge’s begins on the first day of the Month and runs for 21 days. Winners are drawn from those left standing at the end of each of The Challenge’s.

You won’t know exactly what is in store for you until we release The Challenge at the start of each month. 

Are you game?

Each month The Challenge follows a specific format of 5 key activities to complete each day to earn points over 21 days.

  2. Eat food as close as you can find it in nature. No processed food.
  3. Drink 2L/water per day.
  4. Run or walk outside every morning.
  5. Track your progress inside the App.

Seems simple enough, but let’s see how many points you complete at the end of each 21 day cycle.

Those with the most points are in it for the prizes.

You will be paired with a professional coach during each 21 day challenge. Your coach is there to support and make sure you have fun. Our coaches are available to you inside or our app with 2 way messaging.

The Challenge is entirely available on the XLR40 App. Easy to use, with video instructions and the ability to connect with our coaches. We are dedicated to your results.

Your dedication to The Challenge could earn you prizes. You must go all in, only those left standing at the end of The Challenge will be eligible for prizes.

Prizes include
Gift Cards to your favourite shops, XLR40 SWAG and bragging rights.

$21 + $4*


*$4 is added to every purchase to support the XLR40 Clean Drinking Water Initiative. Learn More Here.

The annual pass commits you to all 12 annual challenges. We believe that commitment deserves rewards and that is why we offer a 60% discount for those ready to go all in.

Get The Challenge Annual Pass below and you will be automatically enrolled in all 12 challenges over the next 12 months.

$101 + $4*

 $0.40/day (60% SAVINGS)

*$4 is added to every purchase to support the XLR40 Clean Drinking Water Initiative. Learn More Here.


Do I need any equipment?

You are definitely going to need running shoes. We may also require some small pieces of inexpensive equipment for some challenges that will be easy to procure.


That’s totally up to you, but you won’t win if you skip workouts. 

what if i don't know how to do a workout?

All of the workouts have video demonstrations that perfectly explain how to complete each movement. If you need to scale a workout or you are still confused about anything, you can direct message your coach inside of the APP.

Can i skip a month, defer a month, etc... ?

No. There is no rolling over or transferring The Challenge registrations. If you sign up, you are committed.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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