We love hearing XLR40 Testimonials of how this program has impacted the lives of our challengers and we are inspired by their success.

Here are some of their stories.

  • Jason L.
    My wife and I started with the program to kick start our fitness journey. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in December of 2016. It was a pretty humbling experience and I was determined to do all I could to beat it. I changed my diet and that helped, then joined the XLR40 program and continued to eat better food and exercise a lot more than I had in almost 20 years! The program was great and the trainers were phenomenal. The best news is that by the time the program had ended, not only did I lose where I wanted to lose, and gain strength and endurance, my diabetes had gone into remission! It was a great feeling and one that will help me continue on this life journey to better health.
    Jason L.
  • XLR40 Challenger
    I was super excited, but also a little terrified to start the program and I didn't really know what to expect. Having not been physically active for a couple of years due to an older injury, I was honestly a little overwhelmed on day one, but I did not let that discourage me and neither did the XLR40 team; they were super encouraging during the entire challenge and often asked about my experience throughout. The weekly Guidebook provided is very well laid out and really easy to follow. The recipes are simple and easy to make, and I found that I even enjoyed many meals that I normally would not like! If I had to choose a takeaway from the program that I feel I personally gained the most from, I would have to say it would be the increase in my energy levels and positivity day to day. I also really enjoyed getting to know my fellow participants as well, and look forward to sharing with them and staying in touch!
    XLR40 Challenger