Finally. The Program You Have Been Waiting For.

Bootcamp Workouts, Unlimited Hot Yoga, Unlimited Kettlebell workouts, Unlimited Cardio Kickboxing, Unlimited Zumba Dance classes, Exclusive Access at SNAP Fitness, XLR40 Meal Plans, XLR40 Grocery Lists and XLR40 Recipe Book are all included in your registration.

This is the best value for bootcamp programs in Red Deer. Period.

This is not your ordinary bootcamp. It is a complete 40 day lifestyle overhaul.

Attend our Orientation Night on Wednesday, May 31st at 8:00 pm.

Win Door Prize’s: Win a free entry into Breakthrough XLR40, Plus we are doing Nutracleanse and Vega Product Giveaways.

We will be going through the entire program with you, explaining how you can take advantage of all the program has to offer to help you meet your 2017 goals. 

Ready to join? You can register by clicking the link below to Register Now. 


  • Breakthrough XLR40 Red Deer Orientation Night

    Orientation Night held on Wednesday, May 31 shows you how to get the most out of the program, we also do our baseline testing and our first workout on this night, so come prepared.

  • Breakthrough Bootcamp Workouts

    There are four bootcamp workouts each week, split between mornings and evenings. Our Morning XLR40 Bootcamps run at 6:00 am on Tuesday's and Thursday's and our Evening XLR40 Bootcamps run at 8:00 pm on Monday's and Wednesday's. Each workout is designed to stimulate your metabolism using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts that last about 30 minutes.

  • Breakthrough Meal Plans

    The Meal Plan is scientifically designed to stimulate your metabolism without cutting calories. 

  • Breakthrough Recipe Book

    Done for you Recipes are included in the XLR40 Recipe Book that have been tried and tested in our own homes and tweaked with the feedback of over 1600 participants to be delicious and nutritious.

  • Breakthrough Grocery Shopping List

    Just take the Grocery List with you to the store and everything is there that you need. It matches perfectly with the XLR40 Meal Plan and eliminates any guess work.

  • Unlimited Bikram Hot Yoga

    If you have ever wanted to get in the hot room, this is your perfect opportunity to do it. This program gives you a 40 day Unlimited Pass to use during the XLR 40 day challenge.

  • Unlimited Absolute Fitness Access

    Start with the Movement & Mobility or Bootcamp classes and work your way up to the Conditioning And Strength (including Kettlebells) Classes at Absolute Fitness. You have a 40 day Unlimited Pass to try out a ton of different workouts.

  • Unlimited Chair Tease - Zumba Dance

    Join the Zumba craze at Chair Tease Dance as you get Unlimited Access to the Zumba Classes at Chair Tease for the 40 day challenge.

  • 40 Day SNAP Fitness Membership

    Included for every participant is an exclusive SNAP Fitness membership at the Red Deer, Lacombe and Sylvan Lake locations.

Breakthrough XLR40 Begins May 31st

Ready to join? You can register by clicking below. You get everything mentioned above for for a 2 for 1 Registration price of $197 +gst.

Don't procrastinate, we promise you won't be disappointed.

GST is added to your checkout price for a total of: $206.85

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  • Cristina V.
    This is an excellent program for all ages and fitness levels. After I was done the program, I continued the principles I learned to maintain an healthy lifestyle."
    Cristina V.
Breakthrough XLR40
$197 BOGO

Breakthrough Bootcamps

Breakthrough Meal Plan, Grocery List and Recipe Book

Unlimited Bikram Hot Yoga

Unlimited Absolute Fitness Access

Unlimited Zumba Dance

Exclusive SNAP Fitness Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have some physical limitations with knees and shoulders. Will this be doable for someone who is out of shape and has bad knees and shoulders?
Answer: The program is scalable for any fitness level and all of the activities are modifiable based on physical limitations. We have had many people go through the program with limitations like you are describing and they have done very well over the 40 days. As long as you come ready to work hard you will get a ton out of the program. 
Question: Do I need to register for the info session or just show up?
Answer: You are more than welcome to show up for the Orientation Night (there is no charge for this). It takes place on Wednesday May 31st at 8:00 pm at the Deer Park Church. They have a great gym and field we use for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Look for our banner on the North side of the building.
Question: Just to clarify-the $197 price is for 2 people?
Answer: It is $197 plus GST for 2 people to register. When you register online we will hold the two spots for you and your partner checks in with us on Orientation night on May 31st.
Question: What is the best way to Register and Pay for Breakthrough XLR40? 
Answer: The best way to pay is to register on this website.
Question: Is childcare available or can my children also participate?
Answer: We highly encourage families to attend providing all family members are 16 years of age and over. Unfortunately we do not provide a childcare service.
  • Sheri Ann B.
    “We did XLR40 as a family - myself, husband & daughter. We kept each other going & whole heartily believed the people running this program had our well being in mind and wanted us to succeed. We have done other programs, some good, some bad.... This one ROCKS!”
    Sheri Ann B.

Breakthrough XLR40 Red Deer Begins May 31st

Ready to join? You can register by clicking below. You get everything mention above for a 2 for 1 Registration price of $197.

Don't procrastinate, we promise you won't be disappointed.

GST is added to your checkout price for a total of: $206.85

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